Meet the Committee

Meet the Committee Members

Miriam Parsons

Committee President

Helen Manning-Bennett

Committee Vice-President and Treasurer

Andrew Scrimgeour

Esteemed Past-President and Committee Member

Andrea Corston

Committee Member

Lynn Davis

Past-Vice President and Committee Member

Javier Diaz-Martinez

Committee Member

Lucia Gentilcore

Committee Member

Teresa Montague

Committee Member

Kazuko Glass

Committee Member

Donna Markovitch
Committee Member

Shane Peterer
Committee Member

Yvette Pinto
Committee Member

Danielle Popovic

Committee Member

Jasmine Sotiroulis

Committee Member

Alison Zogopoulos

Secretary and Membership

Communications Team

Andrea Corston, Donna Markovitch, Andrew Scrimgeour, Jasmine Sotiroulis, Alison Zogopoulos

Professional Learning Team

Helen Manning-Bennett, Donna Markovitch, Teresa Montague, Jasmine Sotiroulis, Yvette Pinto

Representatives Team

AFMLTA Representatives: Miriam Parsons, Andrew Scrimgeour

Educators SA Association Representative: Danielle Popovic

Rural Representative: Jasmine Sotiroulis

School of Languages Representative: Kazuko Glass